My Review: I knew I wanted to wholly lean into the quiet-luxury aesthetic for my fourth look and pick pieces that lend themselves to being long-haulers. I started by identifying one staple I found synonymous with spring wardrobes—the trench coat. While I own a black trench I adore, I have yet to find a classic beige version that I’ve liked enough to invest in. Part of the reason I have yet to see this staple despite its universal prevalence is the fact that most outerwear fails to meet my sometimes “picky” requirements. It has to fit right, it needs to have luxurious details, the fabric can’t be itchy, and it should have an accessible price point. I’ve been searching for a trench that could live up to these standards for so long that I thought it was a lost cause until I tried on COS’s Twill Trench Coat. 

I may have doubted whether this coat could live up to my great expectations, but after trying it on, I feel like my search for the perfect everyday trench is over. I ordered the coat in size 6 and found it fit my arms and chest well, and the hemline landed mid-calf, which is the ideal length for me. What’s more, since it’s made from a cotton blend, it’s ultra-soft and not irritating to the skin. But what really sealed the deal for me on this trench coat is how it has some of those more luxurious elements (e.g., the storm flap on the back and sharply pointed collar) that you’d find on a designer coat without having that excessive price point. But possibly the best thing of all about this piece is its infinite styling possibilities. Though, for this story, I knew I wanted to keep it simple and pair it with another beloved staple like a tank top. 

COS has many great tanks, and I ended up pairing this coat with its Knitted Tank Top. For the tank, I chose to try it on in size 6 and found that it fits true to size. In terms of the fabrication, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality, as it was incredibly soft and felt like the perfect lightweight knit fabrication to wear in the springtime and even the fall. What I love most about this top, though, is that its simplicity lends itself to being a piece that can be worn season after season with just about anything, including a pleated skirt. 

There’s no more pivotal bottom to invest in than a great skirt. I own quite a few pleated skirts, which are the foundational bedrock of my closet. So of course, I had to try at least one skirt from COS’s spring collection. As a skirt lover, choosing one was no easy task, but eventually, I landed on trying the Pleated Wool-Blend Midi Skirt in black in size 6. What I loved about this skirt is that it felt like something that would be easy to add to my wardrobe, and I was right about that inclination.

The skirt is made from a heavier fabric, so it definitely couldn’t be worn in the summer. Still, because it has two different types of pleats, it feels more elevated than similar styles from competitor retailers. In terms of the fit, admittedly, it was a bit snugger around the waist than I would have liked. It fits, but if you want to tuck in tops or maybe layer tights underneath, it could become a little bit too tight, so it might be worth sizing up. That being said, the skirt, much like the trench coat and knit tank, had me daydreaming about different ways I’d style it with other pieces in my closet. And I feel that the mere act of envisioning how I’d style these pieces if they were a part of my closet proves why they’d make excellent purchases. 

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