As someone who loves shoes, I have a bit of a storage problem. No one has an infinite amount of space for shoes, so we’ve all been here—I recently found myself at maximum shoe capacity in my closet. And at that point, the only thing left to do is weed out. 

One of my rules of thumb when it comes to deciding which shoes to get rid of is whether or not they’re covered in a thick layer of dust. If the answer is yes, into the donation pile they go. I also take trends and comfort into consideration. That said, it’s still difficult parting with shoes, but my best advice is to consider treating yourself to a new pair once you’ve freed up all that space.

After doing the recent shoe clean-out in my own closet, I made several observations that might help to motivate you to do some decluttering of your own. Scroll on to find out which pairs I discarded and which ones I decided to keep (and shop them, of course).

You’re probably aware by now that platforms are 2022’s biggest and brightest shoe trend. I actually got this pair right before the pandemic and am glad I remained patient during the many months when I had nowhere to wear them. On the other hand, basic pumps get minimal wear from me anymore, so away they go.

New Balance sneakers are the It sneaker brand year after year, so I have no plans to toss any of mine anytime soon. A style that I did part with is trendy sneakers that quickly became dated. (Note to self: Don’t buy those anymore.)

I’m not a huge fan of boring flats, so I ended up getting rid of a few pairs of those. A flats style I’m holding onto, though, is clogs (and chunky mules). I think those will remain in style for quite some time.

I found a pair of espadrilles wedges hiding in my closet and out they went. They just don’t suit my aesthetic these days. But a style I don’t get rid of until they wear out is heeled slide sandals.

Penny loafers will always be my number one flats style. I love the slightly chunky, more classic look of them. The single-sole loafers in my closet, on the other hand, hit the donation pile.

Although animal print shoes will inevitably always come back around, I’m just not that into them right now. A print that I never get tired of, though, is logos.

There was a time when I was into sneakers with glitter, studs, metallic accents—you name it. Those days are long gone, so I’m parting with the remaining pair in my closet. But the simple white sneakers are staying put.

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