I can’t get enough of summer fashion. I love everything about it. From fun, stylish swimwear to romantic, pretty dresses and sandals, summer fashion is definitely my favorite. I know many fashion-people love fall fashion and highly anticipate the weather cooling off, and while I know I sit in the minority, I’m just a summer-fashion type of girl.

I mean think about it, summer weddings, summer vacations, and just everyone being more in the general mood to leave their apartments and adventure out while enjoying the warmer weather. Lots of opportunities for stellar outfits all season long. Since my favorite fashion season is just around the corner I have been outfit planning and online shopping like crazy. While on the hunt for my next new favorite summer item, I started filling my cart with so many picks that it’ll be brutal trying to narrow it down to just a few. 

Keep scrolling to check out the 30 summer pieces that I’m currently thinking of snapping up.

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