Skies are mostly clear and temperatures chilly to begin our Wednesday morning, as patchy frost is forming away from downtown. This is quite an air mass that continues to keep temperatures way down for late September! Expect more sunshine and dry weather to hold for this afternoon, as lake-effect showers remain in northern Indiana.

Winds not as gusty today but still remaining breezy with peak winds up to 28 mph but averages between 7-13 mph.

A rise in afternoon temperatures takes hold tomorrow and into the weekend, as sunshine builds for Thursday and Friday. For now, dry weather likely to hold both on Saturday and Sunday.

Hurricane Ian has strengthened to a category 4 with winds now sustained around the eyewall at 140 mph. Landfall happens today between Tampa and Fort Myers, as hurricane warnings remain in effect from Tampa to Naples at this hour. Storm surge, damaging winds, flooding rains and spin-up tornadoes are all likely today through western and central Florida. Inland rainfall totals could exceed 15-plus inches! More too come in the hours ahead!