After much anticipation and a few hiccups, the final rollout of Truth Social, Trump’s new social media platform, has completed all of its beta testing and is ready to go fully online very soon, according to CEO Devin Nunez.

In an appearance with Newsmax on Thursday, Nunez explained that people will be able to access the app in its full capacity “in the next few days.” Unfortunately, he did not provide a specific date, but the rollout is expected to be completed sometime next week.

From Nunes:

“It has all-new equipment and no Big Tech. And guess what? No one can cancel us. We’re going to be open to everybody.

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It’s absolutely amazing, the community we’re building. A community of real people. We’re trying to take the best of what Twitter has, along with Instagram and Facebook, and put it all into one. And we’re not allowing fake bots, fake accounts. We’re doing our best to keep those out.

But most importantly, we’re giving the American people their voice back, and that’s what President Trump wanted to do.”

Following the app’s lite release on Apple App Store in February, there have been millions of users who signed up on the platform and are waiting to be granted access to the platform. According to reports, there were over half a million who signed up within the first 48 hours alone. On top of that, millions have signed up without the Android version of the app being available, so only 50% of the market has had access up until now. The majority of sign-ups have not been able to sign on and are currently on the waiting list.

To solve this massive backlog, Truth Social also announced a major change to its platform that will alleviate the issue.

On Friday, the company announced that it had expanded its partnership with the video streaming platform Rumble. Going forward, Truth Social will move over to Rumble’s Cloud computing service, a move that will allow the platform to quickly overcome major growth obstacles as it looks to unseat Twitter and make a name in the Big Tech landscape.

The company “successfully” migrated its servers over to the new service as of Friday.

From the Truth Social announcement:

“Today, the video platform Rumble announced that Truth Social, the social media platform created by the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), has successfully migrated its website and mobile applications to Rumble’s cloud infrastructure. This migration will enable the Truth Social platform to scale significantly on a new and cancel-culture-free cloud platform…

…Truth Social and Rumble took a major stride toward rescuing the internet from the grip of the Big Tech tyrants. Our teams have worked tirelessly to realize this great endeavor. Rumble’s cloud infrastructure is second to none and will be the backbone for the restoration of free speech online for ages to come.”

At long last, it looks as if the wait is over. We should all finally be able to test out the highly anticipated ‘free speech alternative to Twitter’ by the end of next week.

Hopefully, the app lives up to its hype. If not, Elon is currently knee-deep, working on a plan b.

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Free speech will prevail.

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