“For people with ADHD, if they don’t decide the time, the day, the tools they may need, and where the things are going to live, if they don’t have those elements, when you go to tackle the mess, it’s not going to happen,” says Lark. I find this to be true about myself as I easily get discouraged doing things if I don’t have exactly what I need to complete them.

Meanwhile, Safford says that when it comes to makeup, the more micro-organized makeup is, the better. “It’s really about sub-categorizing everything,” she says. “It’s all these little items and so much of it, so you want it to be something well-thought-out, and anything that makes it easier for you to access, like divided turntables, or an upper shelf, or a deep bin or basket with labeled vinyl pouches for all the different categories.”

Ahead, I’m detailing 12 of the best items for organizing products that are great for both big and small collections, plus more helpful tips whether you have ADHD or not. Now, will I keep all of my beauty products organized? Only time will tell, but I definitely have more hope for myself now. 

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