Homemade rice flour for Indian snacks like murukku, seedai and other snacks. Learn how to make rice flour at home with full video, detailed step by step photos.

Ever since I started cooking and started attempting making snacks, I used idiyappam flour. Many of you must be knowing this if you are following my posts from beginning. It’s because raw rice was not available those days in Mustafa. I was not sure about little India, but I visit only Mustafa those days. So it was just basmati and ponni parboiled rice.

Idiyappam flour (Baba brand) was a saviour for me as everything turned out perfect with it. It was good in quality, finest ground flour as well. Be it thenkuzhal, or kozhukattai, everything was turning out too good with it. Then why bother about homemade rice flour?

Prepare snacks with homemade rice flour

Years passed and all of a sudden craved for Kai murukku and seedai. Will I spare both from trying with idiyappam flour? No, I did try but in vain. So it became a compulsion for me to make fresh homemade rice flour. I made it for first time and both seedai and kai murukku turned out perfect with the prepared rice flour at home.

Later I started making many snacks using fresh flour like achu murukku etc. Every year I make for Gokulashtami, but I am always in hurry (or I never wanted to make it complicated on the festival day). Roughly managed sometime back and have it as a page in my site.

Are videos more your thing?

Check out my short video on how to make rice flour at home

Today also I made for Karadaiyan nombu adai and suddenly thought I will have a separate post with video for this.

Which rice is best for making flour?

I get Sona masuri and find it good for making flour. I have not much options. In South Indian small local shops, you can ask for maavu arisi, which is apparently rich in starch and perfect for making rice flour.

Before you ask, no Basmati rice wont be good for this. I have not tried any other rice variety when it comes to homemade rice flour. If you have any other good suggestions for people abroad (for those who don’t have access to maavu arisi) please leave your suggestions in comments section.

Below is by roasting method. But for bulk options, you can give it to mill after drying the rice (step 5).

Also if you are in a sunny region, instead of roasting, you can spread and dry in shade (by covering with another cloth over the flour) for 3 days.


Yeilds 1 cup rice flour

How to make rice flour at home for Indian snacks

Make sure no moisture is there in the rice flour, especially if you are storing for later.

I have not stored this homemade rice flour before, but if the quality of the rice is good and properly dried before storing, it should stay good for about a month fresh. My mom passes me a lot of flour for my use though different method. It turns out to be good. Depending on the quality of rice, the shelf life varies.

homemade rice flour

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