As our home state of Texas recovers from the devastating winter storm that hit last week, many of us are looking for the best ways to give our time and resources to those who have been affected most. Essential workers, activists, and regular citizens alike have been working around the clock to find food, supplies, and shelter for those in greatest danger, and we’ve been inspired by all of the kindness and generosity we’ve witnessed in our Austin community and beyond.

If you’re like us, it’s been a bit overwhelming to sort through the ever-evolving ways to give money, donate stuff, or volunteer.

In an effort to consolidate the resources we’ve been saving from so many individuals and outlets, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best organizations who are on the ground serving in the Texas relief efforts.

Our aim is for this list to be as up-to-date as possible heading into the recovery week, and we’ve linked each organization’s website and/or Instagram handle where you can access their most recent updates. Please add any other resources and notes in the comments below. We may be out of an “emergency” situation in terms of power outages, but the recovery efforts are just beginning. There are still many people without water and food, and as a city, we have a long road ahead.

Where should I donate?

Monetary donations are some of the most powerful ways we can serve the organizations and people who need it most.

  • Central Texas Food Bank:
    • Looking for donations as they distribute food this weekend.
  • Austin Winter Storm Relief
    • A Taste of Koko, 365 Things Austin, MYLK Collective, and Cara Caulkins Communications are raising money to buy local restaurant meals for people without power. Go Fund Me here
  • Mutual aids: Helping many in the community to find emergency housing and food. Many are accepting venmo or Paypal donations.
  • Austin Justice Coalition:
    • Distributing meals, water, and shelter to at-risk communities. Donate here.
  • Texas Winter Storm Relief
    • Donate to the Texas winter storm relief Go Fund Me here.
  • Austin Disaster Relief Network:
    • Helping provide resources and to supplies to those in need. donate here
  • Texas Relief Warriors:
    • providing assistance to those in need in Texas and on the gulf coast. Looking for volunteers and donations. Paypal: here
  • Sustainable Food Center:
    • The Austin nonprofit has set up a fund to help farmers and ranchers who have experienced massive losses during the storm.
  • Good Work Austin’s Community Kitchen:
    • Accepting donations for its meal program feeding those in need. (via Eater)
  • Feed The People Dallas:
    • instagram: @feedthepeopledallas
    • venmo: @feedthepeopledallas

How can I volunteer?

  • Safe Children’s Shelter ATX:
    • Looking for supplies like drinking water, snacks, and dry foods. Latest info on their instagram: @safeatx
  • We Are Blood TX:
    • Looking for blood donations to build back the community’s blood supply. Find info: here
  • Tankproof:
    • Looking for drivers to deliver meals to immobile families. Find the latest details on their Instagram: @tankproof
  • Texas Music Workforce Coalition:
    • Looking for individuals to volunteer their time and/or vehicle to distribute water. Sign up form: here
  • Winter Weather Response Team:
    • looking for staffing for shelters, calling volunteers, drivers and donations. Form is here
  • ATX Echo:
    • Looking for people to help with water deliveries for low-income households. Form is here
  • Winter Storm Wellness Phonebank:
    • looking for volunteers to call to check on seniors and vulnerable communities. Get more info here

Other Resources:

These are some of the resources we’re leaning on for the most important, up-to-date information:

If you have additional / updated info or other resources we should know about, please drop them in the comments as the situation continues to develop.

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