It’s not easy to get a ticket to the Super Bowl, and Super Bowl 55 on Feb. 7, 2021 is no exception.

First off, the tickets are remarkably expensive, reaching into the thousands of dollars. And second, many of the NFL’s partners get tickets through their various deals, so it’s not as simple as just pulling up a team website and buying a ticket or two.

Raymond James Stadium will host this season’s Super Bowl, and it can seat 65,000 regularly or be expanded to seat 75,000. The NFL has announced that 14,500 ticket-buying fans will be in attendance, along with 7,500 vaccinated health care workers that the league is letting in for free.

Below, we’ve got all the info you need to know about attending Super Bowl 55 in Tampa between the Chiefs and Buccaneers.

How much are Super Bowl tickets in 2021?

Originally, before ticket sales began, the NFL was advertising four ticket packages to the Super Bowl. These included the Touchdown Club ($6,750), 55 Live ($8,000), Champions ($10,000) and On The Fifty, which didn’t list a price.

Now, though, the official website for Super Bowl tickets lists an “All locations” link to buy tickets that says pricing starts at $5950. A look at those specific tickets lists prices rising up to $21,500 for two tickets.

Beyond those tickets, there’ll also be seats available on reseller websites like StubHub, SeatGeek and Vivid Seats. The NFL also has an official reselling website called NFL Ticket Exchange. 

Here’s a look at the lowest and highest Super Bowl ticket prices on each site as of Jan. 18, with the six-digit prices on a couple sites being for suite tickets: 

Most expensive tickets to Super Bowl 55

Vivid Seats$207,000
NFL Exchange$13,000

Cheapest tickets to Super Bowl 55

Vivid Seats$5,968
NFL Exchange$7,750

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How much did Super Bowl tickets cost in 2020?

According to CNBC, the average price of a Super Bowl ticket on StubHub in 2020 was $7,000, although those prices dropped by a few thousand dollars as kickoff approached. 

History of Super Bowl ticket prices

Going to the Super Bowl is expensive these days, but it wasn’t always going to empty your whole wallet. Here’s a look at the ticket prices from the past, including equivalent to today, according to a database compiled by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 2018 along with official “On Location” lowest price for the 2020 Super Bowl.

YearSuper BowlTicket costTicket cost (inflation)Matchup
19671$12$90Packers vs. Chiefs
19682$12$87Packers vs. Raiders
19693$12$83Jets vs. Baltimore Colts
19704$15$98Chiefs vs. Vikings
19715$15$93Baltimore Colts vs. Cowboys
19726$15$90Cowboys vs. Dolphins
19737$15$87Dolphins vs. Redskins
19748$15$79Dolphins vs. Vikings
19759$20$95Steelers vs. Vikings
197610$20$89Steelers vs. Cowboys
197711$20$84Raiders vs. Vikings
197812$30$118Cowboys vs. Broncos
197913$30$108Steelers vs. Cowboys
198014$30$95Steelers vs. Rams
198115$40$113Raiders vs. Eagles
198216$40$10549ers vs. Bengals
198317$40$101Redskins vs. Dolphins
198418$60$145Los Angeles Raiders vs. Redskins
198519$60$14049ers vs. Dolphins
198620$75$169Bears vs. Patriots
198721$75$166Giants vs. Broncos
198822$100$213Redskins vs. Broncos
198923$100$20449ers vs. Bengals
199024$125$24249ers vs. Broncos
199125$150$275Giants vs. Bills
199226$150$268Redskins vs. Bills
199327$175$303Cowboys vs. Bills
199428$175$295Cowboys vs. Bills
199529$200$32849ers vs. Chargers
199630$350$559Cowboys vs. Steelers
199731$275$426Packers vs. Patriots
199832$275$420Broncos vs. Packers
199933$325$488Broncos vs. Falcons
200034$325$475St. Louis Rams vs. Titans
200135$325$458Ravens vs. Giants
200236$400$557Patriots vs. St. Louis Rams
200337$500$679Buccaneers vs. Raiders
200438$600$799Patriots vs. Panthers
200539$600$776Patriots vs. Eagles
200640$700$871Steelers vs. Seahawks
200741$700$853Colts vs. Bears
200842$900$1,052Giants vs. Patriots
200943$1,000$1,168Steelers vs. Cardinals
201044$1,000$1,138Saints vs. Colts
201145$1,200$1,344Packers vs. Steelers
201246$1,200$1,306Giants vs. Patriots
201347$1,250$1,339Ravens vs. 49ers
201448$1,500$1,582Seahawks vs. Broncos
201549$2,111$2,000Patriots vs. Seahawks
201650$2,500$2,605Broncos vs. Panthers
201751$2,500$2,500Patriots vs. Falcons
201852$2,500$2,500Eagles vs. Patriots
201953$2,557$2,557Patriots vs. Rams
202054$3,488$3,488Chiefs vs. 49ers