That mindset is also something she’s working to instill in her children, Alba sharing how she’s impressed upon them, “You always help out your neighbor, you always try and put yourself in their shoes.” 

And she never misses an opportunity to remind her crew of the hard work that went into affording their fancy kicks. 

“I have been fortunate enough that I’ve been able to actually bring a kid along on business trips,” Alba explained. “I actually like my kids to see me working and I want them to see what it’s like.” And while that might mean, say, a trip to Paris filled with top-notch room service, sightseeing and watching the French Open, she noted, “sometimes they’ll sit in the corner and I’m doing a boring meeting.”

The goal, she continued, is “getting them outside of that everyday routine and having them see your life isn’t free. There’s a cost. There’s things that we have to do as parents in order for you to have what you have.” 

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