For the majority of my life, I had hair that went past my waist. My hair became part of my identity—I was known for having extremely long hair, and I loved my hair. I’ve cut it off a couple of times and always let it grow back, but in the summer of 2020, I wanted a major change, so I chopped it into a bob. Since then, I’ve been trying to grow it back, but it just hasn’t been growing as fast as I’d like it to thanks to a few too many “maintenance” haircuts and one extremely damaging round of highlights before I took my hair dark. 

After my last haircut in December, I decided to get serious about growing my hair out again. Hair typically grows about six inches a year, or half an inch per month. I am an impatient person, so I tried every hack in the book to get my hair to grow a little bit faster than that, and now that it’s been six months since my last haircut, I can see the results. Here’s every product that I used to intentionally promote my hair growth. Keep reading to find out what worked for me and why.

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