Anna Delvey is giving the word allegedly a whole new meaning.
On May 19, the 31-year-old (a.k.a. Anna Sorokin) debuted her art collection titled, “Allegedly,” at the Public Hotel in New York City.

The 20-piece set was created by the former socialite while she is currently being held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement Custody (ICE) as she faces possible deportation to Germany. (ICYMI, she managed to convince—and scam New York’s elite that she was an heiress.)

So you’re probably wondering, how the heck did she present at an art show while also being detained in upstate New York? Yeah, E! News thought the same—so we attended to see what would really—and not allegedly—happen.

First, RuPaul Drag Race alum Yuhua Hamasaki took center stage to impersonate Anna, who was the focus of the Netflix series Inventing Anna. “I’m a masterpiece! I’m a masterpiece,” she jokingly said to the crowd. “Look at me, I am Anna!” Then, just moments after, the real Anna addressed the crowd. Except, through a pre-recorded video. 

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