Talk about life imitating art. 

In the time-bending second season of Netflix’s Russian Doll, Chloë Sevigny plays Lenora, the mother of Natasha Lyonne‘s character Nadia. When Nadia finds a subway portal that allows her to travel back in time, she realizes she’s trapped in her mother’s body while her mother is pregnant with her. 

It’s a season of television that dives deep into themes of motherhood, childhood innocence and reckoning with the missteps of our parents. For Chloë, it couldn’t have come at a more impactful time. Chloë gave birth to her first child, son Vanja, in May 2020. 

“I became a mother right before we shot the second season,” Chloë told E! News. “I was thinking a lot about being a mother, about how I rear my child and the stories I tell him of his forefathers. How do I usher this young man through the world to be a good, strong, sensitive, upstanding individual?”

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