On Thursday, October 14, the Animal Welfare Society of SA were handed a storm damaged nest containing a trio of House Sparrow Fledglings more commonly known as “Huis Mossies”.

Their rescuer from Mandalay suspected that their nest was blown down during the terrible storm on Wednesday that battered parts of Cape Town.

Before deciding to pick up the nest and bring them to the Animal Welfare Society of SA, he wisely searched high and low for their parents but they were nowhere to be found.

“Whilst it is usually best not to intervene (Mother Nature always knows better) in this instance they would almost certainly have perished if he decided to ignore their plight”, says the Animal Welfare Society of SA.

“We estimate them to be mere days old and it is going to take an enormous effort to get them on the road to independence as they will need to be fed every 5 hours until they are old enough to fend for themselves”, further adds the Animal Welfare Society of SA.

“Some may argue that the House Sparrow is an immensely successful commensal species (and they would be correct) requiring no special conservation measures but we consider all life to be precious and immediately contacted one of the accredited wildlife rehabilitators that we work closely with to see if she would be willing to put in the effort and barely minutes after our SOS to her she arrived to collect them and promised to keep us appraised of their progress until they are released back into the wild”, concludes the Animal Welfare Society of SA.

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