Last November, the Discover Wisconsin team released a video series in partnership with Ho-Chunk Nation for National Native American Heritage Month. However, we know that November isn’t the only time to see what the Ho-Chunk Nation is doing to be upstanding tribal members and good neighbors in their communities! Follow along in our blog series as we dive deeper into the history of Mitchell RedCloud Jr.

The History of Mitchell RedCloud Jr. 

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Mitchell RedCloud Jr was a part of the US Marine Corps during World War II as well as the US Army during the Korean War. As he was growing up, RedCloud had always wanted to help and eventually asked his parents to join the service. With their permission, RedCloud began his military career with the Marine Corps and an elite group called the Carlson’s Raiders. 

Once the Korean War broke out, RedCloud again decided that he wanted to go back into the service but this time with the Army. Two months later, RedCloud passed away on Hill 123. His body was transferred back to Black River Falls and is now in the cemetery by the Indian Mission which is the hub of the Ho-Chunk Nation. 

Mitchell RedCloud Jr has been awarded two Purple Heart Medals as well as a Medal of Honor. RedCloud was the first Wisconsin resident to receive a Medal of Honor during the Korean War. The Medal of Honor is now hung in the American Legion Museum in Black River Falls as a piece of remembrance of Mitchell RedCloud Jr. 

Annita RedCloud’s Story

Photo Credit: Discover Mediaworks

We sat down last year with Annita RedCloud, the daughter of Ho-Chunk Veteran Mitchell RedCloud Jr to learn a bit more about his past and accomplishments. Annita happened upon the Korean War Project online and eventually was able to tell her story about Mitchell RedCloud Jr. As time went on, she ended up meeting a medic who was potentially the last person who spoke to her father. 

Through this experience, Annita was able to learn more about Mitchell’s experience in the Korean War and what he did to save the lives of others out at war. One of the key doors Mitchell opened up was that Annita now has the ability to spread the word about Ho-Chunk Nation whenever she gets the chance. Annita loves to tell the story to younger generations in order to guide them to who they want to be when they grow up!

Ho-Chunk Nation prides itself on being upstanding tribal members and good neighbors to the communities they are a part of every day. Learn more about Mitchell RedCloud Jr and his past accomplishments and honors in this segment of the four-part series now:

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