A survivor of the Highland Park, IL 4th of July parade mass shooting went to Nashville and ended up near the mass shooting at the private Christian school.


Ashby Beasley of Highland Park, IL said in an interview filmed by local media and shown on CNN:

I was actually in town just on vacation. But I’m a mass shooting survivor. My son and I survived a mass shooting in Highland Park where there was a shooting at a parade that we were at. We ran for our lives, and this is just unacceptable. It’s only in America. Can somebody survive a mass shooting and then go on vacation to visit another person that they have met through, you know, fighting for gun safety. And find themselves in another involved like near another mass shooting, like only you know what I mean?

Like only in America does this happen where we keep seeing this again and again and again? Only in America does her son survived a mass shooting and then you know, end up in a lockdown school because there is another mass shooting. This is an epidemic. Gun. Violence is an epidemic and it needs to be resolved. It needs to be addressed.

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Instead of addressing the problem, Republicans are having gun safety activists who have lost a child arrested at congressional hearings.
Gun safety advocates know that the vast majority of the nation agrees with them, but that real change that could save lives is being blocked by a few hundred Republicans in Congress. The United States is averaging nearly two mass shootings a day in 2023. This time the mass shooter was female, but it doesn’t change the fact that innocent people are dying when they go to work, school, church, or to run errands on a daily basis.

Gun safety should have been addressed after Sandy Hook. It should have been addressed after Parkland, Gun safety should have been addressed after Buffalo, Highland Park, and Uvalde, and way too many other mass shootings to list.

If people in Tennessee were dying of a natural disaster would take action, but gun violence is not a priority for them. The mass shooting epidemic will not stop until the American people elect leaders committed to stopping it.

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