I’ll be totally honest: I’ve never been one to have an extensive haircare routine. I do have 3c curls, so those require a bit of extra love and care (like deep conditioning a few times a week), but other than a few add-ons, I keep things pretty simple. I’ve been a beauty editor for a few years now, though, and I’m starting to realize that it might be time to focus more on scalp health. Luckily, my scalp is never itchy or flaky, but it could use a good exfoliating or clarifying treatment every once in a while. 

With so many scalp products out there, it can be tough to narrow down which ones to buy. That’s why I decided to ask hairstylists for their recommendations on the best scalp products and treatments. They gave me some solid picks in every category from scrubs and oils to treatments. For the best ones, keep on scrolling. There’s something for you no matter what your hair goals are.

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