A cold front moving through the region Tuesday evening, will continue to usher in gusty winds and scattered showers. The cold front should push through most of the area before stalling across the southeast corner of Idaho through Wednesday morning. Our atmosphere will be a bit unstable for Wednesday, leading to a thunderstorm threat. A lowering area of low pressure from the northwest, moves in for Thursday and Friday. Well see more wind and scattered showers.

OVERNIGHT: Partly cloudy with a low into the upper 30’s with winds at 15-30 MPH, a slight chance of a rain shower.

WEDNESDAY: A chance of rain and thunderstorms with a high into the lower 60’s, with gusty winds.

THURSDAY: Cloudy skies and scattered showers with a thunderstorm chance. Gusty winds with winds into the 15-30 MPH range.

FRIDAY: Chance of snow and rain showers with a thunderstorm possible. Highs into the mid to the lower 50’s for the Snake River Plain.

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