What is with Republicans and guns? I have been watching the political ads and have noticed that four Republicans’ ads feature guns.

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee is shown shooting clay pigeons. Of course, Sheriff Joe Lombardo is wearing his gun and says he is the only candidate who wears a gun everyday. As sheriff, I would hope so.

Then there is the candidate running for lieutenant governor. He is out in the woods dressed as if he is going to meet someone for dinner, holding a shotgun. If he is hunting, who or what is he hunting for? A date?

Last but not least is Tisha Black, running for attorney general. She is speaking to an officer who is carrying a gun. She promotes herself as a businesswoman. Is she afraid of stating that she is a well-known attorney?

We all get the picture of what Republican candidates are pushing. But we are not a country run by a majority of its citizens; we are a country run by a majority of those who vote.

If you don’t like what you see and hear, then vote.

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