If we’re talking just about filling needs, Reuter gets the job done here.

He adds a tight end, tackle, guard, and wide receiver, while also making some depth additions on defense. Where he runs into an issue is his prioritizing a tight end over wide receiver in Round 1.

Ideally, the Titans go for a wide receiver and guard in any order with their first two picks, and then hit tackle and tight end, preferably in that order.

Reuter’s biggest blunder is the running back pick, which comes far too early for my liking and does nothing to address Tennessee’s need for an explosive, pass-catching back. The Titans should wait until late in the draft if they take a back at all.

With all that said, this was by far the best group of picks Reuter has made for the Titans in any of his mocks this offseason. Talk about going out on a high note.

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