Republican activists on Saturday rejected resolutions calling for Wisconsin lawmakers to recall the state’s electoral votes for Joe Biden and to remove Robin Vos as Assembly speaker.

Multiple attorneys have opined that there’s no mechanisms to recall the state’s electoral votes for Biden, who won the state by less than 21,000 votes.

Still, party activists put forward a resolution on Saturday demanding lawmakers rescind the “fraudulent” electors for Biden. Several reviews of the 2020 election have found there was no widespread fraud. That includes a review by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau, which also recommended changes to how elections are administered.

The motion was supported by 40.3 percent of delegates.

Vos, R-Rochester, also has become a lightning rod with some in the GOP base, particularly those who have raised allegations about the 2020 election.

The resolution that failed called for Vos to resign. If he failed to do that, the resolution called for members of the Assembly to remove him or be “guilty of violating their oaths of office.”

Just more than 36 percent of delegates supported that resolution.

Both resolutions were submitted to the convention this weekend for consideration.

After a 12-hour day, activists agreed to approve en masse 46 resolutions that had been submitted to the convention ahead of this weekend. Each of those resolutions had been earlier been screened by local parties before being forwarded to the convention.

Those included:

*requiring all Wisconsin elections to be conducted by hand-counted paper ballots.

*supporting U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson on COVID-19, praising the Oshkosh Republican for a panel discussion he hosted last year in which speakers largely expressed skepticism about the vaccine.

*firing Wisconsin Elections Commission staff and reorganizing the agency to be “truly fair and honest.” Another calls for dissolving the agency and putting the Legislature in charge of election administration.

*declaring Republicans are the party of “family; celebrating the mystery of romance and marriage.”

The resolutions approved become the position of the party on those issues.

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