One of the biggest rumors heading into the week was potential information surrounding God of War: Ragnarok, possibly even a release date. But with June almost over and no mention of the next God of War game, Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog is asking fans to keep the faith.

“If it were up to me I would share all the information hen I know about it. But it is not up to me,” Barlog tweeted. “So please, be patient.”

Barlog also added that information “will be shared at the earliest possible moment they can be,” meaning any information, or lack of is for a reason.

For the past week, there have been rumors that there will be some kind of announcement for God of War Ragnarok on June 30 after reports from Bloomberg suggested Ragnarok is slated for a November 2022 launch.

But without any announcement, it looks like God of War Ragnarok could skip June altogether, though there are rumblings that any news could be surprise dropped tomorrow.

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In other God of War news, Sony is reportedly developing a God of War series for Amazon, to go along with its other series productions like the Horizon series on Netflix and The Last of Us for HBO.

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