Goat Simulator 3 and its predecessors embody the spirit of chaotic fun, since you play as a goat whose goofball shenanigans tend to result in mass destruction and general havoc on the game’s urban island. All of that is a far cry from the regimented, competitive environment of Catan, the decades-old tabletop game that’s also available in numerous online formats. The presence of livestock — goats and sheep, respectively — unites these two very different games, and to celebrate April Fool’s Day, the goat and sheep are switching places.

How, exactly, is that going to work? In Catan, the swap will be immediately visible for online players. The game’s sheep cards will be replaced with the visage of the goat from Goat Simulator, who’s named Pilgor. According to a press release about the crossover, “Catan players on Board Game Arena and Catan Console Edition will be able to see Pilgor in her interim position as Catan’s new goat for a limited time only until 23:59 (GMT) [or 7:59 ET] April 1st.”

Pilgor, the tongue-waggling goat from Goat Simulator, adorns the sheep card in Catan on April 1, 2023

Image: CATAN Studio

If you prefer the board game version of Catan, you still have a chance to get in on this prank. US residents can enter the Catan studio’s sweepstakes here to potentially win Pilgor-themed resource cards for use in their home games. There are 30 packs of Pilgor cards available to win; fans can enter the sweepstakes until April 7.

Meanwhile, Goat Simulator 3 will be rebranding itself as Sheep Simulator 3, and Catan’s lost ewe will do her best to live up to Pilgor’s reputation. She’s previously been pretty mild-mannered, accepting her fate no matter who trades her and for what, but that all ends now.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Catan’s sheep to San Angora,” said Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director at Coffee Stain North, in the press release about the event. “Sheep are basically fluffier goats at the end of the day, so we know she’ll fit right in. The island could also use a break from the troublesome Pilgor, who we’ve managed to offload for a while to Catan to fill in as their resource goat. Since she’s technically 32 in goat years, it’s high time she tried her hooves at a proper job!”

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