Ginni Thomas’s interview lasted four and a half hours with the 1/6 Committee and afterward, she refused to speak to reporters.

CNN reported:

Thomas did not answer questions from reporters:

In a way, the Hurricane Ian caused delay in what is likely the final 1/6 Committee investigative hearing may benefit the investigation, because it gave the Committee time to talk to Thomas and potentially use her interview in the next hearing.

Ginni Thomas was not able to escape having to speak to the 1/6 Committee. Her husband’s status as a Supreme Court justice did not allow her to evade the 1/6 probe.

Thomas is linked to the effort to pressure states to overturn the presidential election and keep Donald Trump in power. Ginni Thomas was in communication with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, John Eastman, and others involved in the coup plot.

She was an active participant in the plan to destroy democracy in the United States. 

Ginni Thomas isn’t a central figure in the investigation, but the fact that she spent hours with the 1/6 Committee should not be reassuring for Trump and those at the top of the coup plot.

Thomas talked, and she probably didn’t spend all of those hours refusing to answer questions about the inside of Trump’s coup.

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