Greed has never stopped having its own pandemic; it’s like a disease. More, more, more. OK, that’s basic business profit 101. But it might be a question of integrity as to how an industry becomes increasingly successful. At least that seems to be the case with the gaming industry.

Yes, this is a sacred cow in Nevada. However, what is the main source of their profits? First, we are told that Southern Nevada hotels achieved record-high room rate average in — $209.89 per night! And even more astounding are the numbers for casinos. Gaming revenue has surpassed $1 billion for the past 20 months in a row. That was earned from over 3.6 million visitors.

Where do they come from now? Well, by air (a real hassle lately), and by car (a nightmare for decades). Say, wouldn’t a high-speed train from southern California ease the traveling pressure and attract more players? Wouldn’t the gaming industry be the greatest beneficiary of such a mode of transport?

Well, what’s the resorts’ plan to support? Nothing. They’ve avoided being involved in the train’s planning for over two decades.

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