Apex Legends Season 10 is close on the horizon with a new legend (the stealthy tracker Seer), new LMG, a bundle of new Arenas maps as well as Ranked mode, and a World’s Edge map update that drowns even more of the landscape in hazardous lava pools. Beyond these flashy additions, Respawn is also preparing a few major buffs to underperforming legends that could finally inspire me to play Fuse and Caustic more often.

As shared by GameSpot, the biggest Season 10 tweaks by far are coming to Fuse. Not only will his Knuckle Dusters tactical ability be more potent, but his Motherlode Ultimate has a brand new trick, in addition to the usual circular fire prison. The other significant buff is coming to Caustic, whose toxic gas will now get deadlier over time.


  • The Knuckle Dusters tactical will last twice as long
  • The Motherlode ultimate will highlight enemies trapped in its radius


  • Toxic gas will now increase damage output as time goes on, starting at 5 and ticking up by 1 every other second as players spend more time in the cloud. There is no maximum damage the gas can deal.
  • Toxic gas grenade dissipates five seconds earlier than before, limiting how long his ultimate can deny areas.

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