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The furries are now angry with Ron DeSantis.

Megaplex, a “furry convention” in Orlando that hosts fetishists interested in anthropomorphic animal characters, announced it is banning minors from attending this year’s convention due to Governor DeSantis’ “Protection of Children Act.”

The Protection of Children Act makes “knowingly admitting a child to an adult live performance” a first-degree misdemeanor.

“This decision has been a difficult one,” Megaplex said in a statement on Twitter. “But Megaplex has not forgotten about or abandoned our younger fandom members and is looking into options for events and activities to include all age ranges and their family members.”

A Rolling Stone writer said Furry Con – a place full of fetishists and freaks – is a safe place for children.

“Many kid furries are queer or neurodivergent & view the fandom as a safe haven. “It’s one less safe place for kids who have trouble finding acceptance,” one mom says.” the Rolling Stone writer said.

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