Elden Ring and Dark Souls developer FromSoftware has today published a new recruitment website that invites candidates to apply for a variety of new positions at the studio. The website claims that the developer is working on “several new projects”, and so it looks like multiple games are in the works at the beloved studio.

The recruitment page is predominantly written in Japanese, but an English language message says “FromSoftware is looking for development staff to play a central role in several new projects. Let’s work together to create rewarding experiences for players around the world to enjoy.”

Following the message is a list of 22 job roles, covering game design, programming, art design, graphic design, animation, art design, visual art, movie design, technical art, sound, production support, development support, and corporate sales. In short; this is a pretty big recruitment drive for FromSoftware.

Among those roles is a research and development position, suggesting that at least one of the projects is still in the very early stages.

FromSoftware is likely riding a high following the colossally successful launch of Elden Ring, which sold over 13 million copies in its first month alone. There’s a chance, then, that one of the several projects in the works at FromSoftware is Elden Ring DLC. While extra content for Elden Ring hasn’t been officially announced, players have discovered areas in the game that they believe will one day become PvP focused DLC.

Of course, among those projects are likely brand new games. An Elden Ring sequel seems somewhat inevitable considering its popularity, but the FromSoft devout will no doubt be holding hope for successors (direct or spiritual) to Bloodborne and Sekiro. However, leaks from earlier this year suggest that the studio may be going back to its mecha period with a new Armored Core game.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Features Editor.

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