Dear Amy: I’m a 48-year-old woman. I’ve been told I look about 35 to 37.

I take very good care of myself and dress in a youthful style.

A while back, I met a man on a dating website who is 37.

We both weren’t looking for anything serious. We live near one another.

We had a nice dinner, got along great and he gave me a long hug when we parted.

However, once I revealed my age, he told me he is not into dating older women. Since then, we hang out twice a week, cuddling on the couch, making out and even ended up having sex.

He also says my name when we’re sexual, implying our connection, which I believe is a strong one.

He is very physically affectionate when we’re together. He texts me every morning when he wakes up and texts me throughout the day.

We both go on dates with other people, but we both feel like it never goes anywhere because we don’t click with others.

The problem is, he treats me like a girlfriend — but I’m not. Am I just being used?

Is he just getting everything without the commitment?

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