Valve is giving away a Steam Deck each minute of The Game Awards when that show airs on Thursday, Dec. 8. The Game Awards 2022 usually runs about three hours, so, that’s 180 Steam Decks!

Fans can already register for the Steam Deck drawing; they’ll at least get an animated Steam Pal digital sticker in their Steam inventories. The big catch is that you have to be watching The Game Awards on, the streaming channel Valve launched in 2018.

The winner will be announced (by their Steam username) in the chat. There’s some other fine print, but that’s the gist.

The prize is the 512 GB model of the Steam Deck, the PC gaming handheld that Valve launched back in February (but which has been in short supply thanks to popular demand). If you’re lucky enough to win, we have plenty of game recommendations to fill up your new console.

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