PORTER BEACH, Ind. — A Flordia man drowned after saving a juvenile female in Lake Michigan on Monday morning.

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Thomas Kenning, 38, of St. Petersburg, Florida, was visiting family and at Porter Beach when he spotted a juvenile female in distress in Lake Michigan. Kenning leapt into action, DNR said, and raced out into the water to assist the girl.

According to DNR, Porter Beach doesn’t have lifeguards and is a “swim at your own risk” beach. Kenning reportedly reached the juvenile and helped her make it back to safety before he slipped under the water and didn’t resurface.

Indiana Dunes State Park lifeguards arrived on scene a short time later, according to officials, and were able to locate Kenning and pull him from the water. Kenning was transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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