A look at some Feel Good Friday stories…

1. A 60-year-old woman in Canada who used to roller skate decided to pick it back up to get some exercise. But the new skates she bought didn’t fit well. So she decided to try on an old, beat-up pair someone was selling online. Those skates fit great, and then she realized why. It turned out they were HER old skates that she got rid of years ago. How did she know that? Her name was still written inside the tongue.

2. A car drove over a motorcycle at an intersection in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday. And one of the two people on the motorcycle got pinned underneath. But then random bystanders ran in . . . lifted the car up . . . and saved the guy. A traffic camera got it all on video, and everyone involved is okay.

3. A 48-year-old vet from the U.K. named Les Binns was blinded in one eye by a bomb in Afghanistan in 2009. But he’s refused to let it hold him back, and just made it to the top of Mount Everest last month. It was his third attempt. He would have made it the first two times as well, but turned back to save other climbers who were struggling.

4. A 78-year-old near L.A. named Ted Sams just got his high school diploma 60 years after he finished school. He graduated in 1962, but they wouldn’t give it to him because he owed $4.80 for a book he apparently lost. His daughters recently requested a diploma, and the school still had the original sitting in an old filing cabinet. So last Friday, Ted got to walk across the stage and accept it during their graduation ceremony at the Rose Bowl.

5. A Chihuahua named Timon and a pig named Pumbaa ended up at a shelter in Arizona last month after their owner got arrested.  And they were obviously bonded . . . Timon likes to ride on Pumbaa’s back. So the shelter refused to split them up. They now have a permanent home at a place near Phoenix called Better Piggies Rescue

6.  A Boston suburb is using some of its leftover stimulus money to help young people heading off to college. The mayor gave a speech at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, and people expected him to announce the winner of a $1,000 scholarship. But instead, he said EVERYONE won it. All the students and parents in the auditorium went nuts.

7. A woman in California got a free couch and matching chair on Craigslist . . . found $36,000 hidden in the cushions . . . and gave it back. The guy who put it there recently passed away, and his family had no idea. The woman had also been looking for a fridge, so they gave her $2,200 of the money to buy a new one.

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