If you’ve been to a big city in the last few years, chances are you went to an immersive Van Gogh experience, or at least saw massive ads for one. Now the BBC and David Attenborough plan to do the same thing for our planet. BBC Earth Experience will introduce viewers to parts of their home planet they’ve probably never seen.

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The immersive experience will include video, music and extended footage from the BBC natural history series “Seven Worlds, One Planet.” The seven worlds refers to Earth’s seven continents, all of which will be represented in the event. Attenborough, who is credited with pioneering natural history documentaries, will narrate.

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Billed as a “360-degree audiovisual journey,” viewers will see everything from small critters like fireflies lighting up a North American night to darling snub-nosed monkeys of central China huddling together for warmth. We’ve also been promised “hungry hamsters fighting to keep their food in Europe,” according to the press release.

Which might make you marvel that with all that spectacular footage on hand we’ll be watching hamsters fighting over food. But I guess that proves that what’s ho hum cutting room floor fodder for one person is exotic edge-of-the-seat stuff for others.

The experience opens in March of 2023 at London’s Daikin Centre. BBC Studios, Moon Eye Productions and Live Nation partnered on creating the BBC Earth Experience.

“At Moon Eye Productions our aim is to create new experiences that leave guests ‘moon-eyed’ in wonder,” said Moon Eye’s chief creative officer, Frederik van Alkemade. “Utilizing the best natural history series in the world, courtesy of BBC Studios, we knew we could create our first immersive event to achieve our goal. Working with the BBC Studios team to transform the content into a 360-degree audio visual spectacle and Sir David Attenborough to narrate has been a privilege and we are proud to present BBC Earth Experience.”

Tickets go on sale December 2, and the show will run through July 2023.

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