Kari Lake and conservative actor Kevin Sorbo spoke last Friday at the annual Good Friday Prayer Breakfast in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with Iowa elected officials and conservative Christian patriots in attendance.

Lake, whose election for Arizona Governor was rigged and stolen, traveled to Iowa last week for multiple events.

Kari Lake hosted massive sold-out crowd Wednesday in liberal Iowa City and Thursday in Story County. When Lake introduced herself on Wednesday night and said she ran for Governor in Arizona, the crowd in Iowa’s most liberal city responded, “And won!”

The Gateway Pundit reported that one angry and crazed leftist interrupted the event, screamed “F*ck you” at Kari Lake, and then ran away like a coward.

Arizona MAGA Star Kari Lake To Hold Events In Iowa City, Story County, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Conservative Actor Kevin Sorbo

Before her Iowa visit, the Gateway Pundit reported that Kari Lake was at the Mar-a-Lago, and a mob of Patriots chanted “Kari won” as she was interviewed by RSBN’s Brian Glenn.

“The Criminal Here Is District Attorney Who Leaked Grand Jury Information – He Should Be Prosecuted” – President Trump Lashes Out at Crooked DA Alvin Bragg (VIDEO)

People across the Country know that Kari Lake’s election in Arizona was stolen by Katie Hobbs!

The Cedar Rapids event with Kevin Sorbo and Kari Lake drew a crowd of over 600 people to see Arizona’s duly elected governor and celebrate Good Friday. Many were sitting in the overflow section of the room.

The line to get in stretched through the entire hotel lobby and out the doors early in the morning.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Kevin Sorbo after the event about the woke radical left and cancel culture. Sorbo also shared his thoughts on Kari Lake and President Trump’s stolen elections.

No honest person believes that Joe Biden or Katie Hobbs legitimately won their elections. Katie Hobbs, who oversaw her own election as Secretary of State, also campaigned from the basement, refused to debate Kari Lake, was down by double digits in the polls, and threatened elections officials who questioned her “victory” with felony charges.

Prior to the interview, Sorbo told Conradson that he wants President Trump to be reelected for four more years and would like to see Kari Lake or Ron DeSantis as a VP pick. “I hope if Trump gets in, he looks at DeSantis or looks at Kari Lake to be his running mate,” said Sorbo.

View Kevin Sorbo’s latest work and books here.

Watch below:

Conradson: You gave a great speech out there at the Good Friday Prayer Breakfast. A big theme of it was wokeness. God is not woke, and wokeness is destroying our country. We’re in a crisis of faith. can you build more on that?

Sorbo: Here’s the insanity of these people, these cancel culture wimps and these woke wussies: all they have is their anger and hate. I would love to have a conversation with them without; all they do is want to out-yell you. They just think if they yell at you, they won the argument, and they have no logic behind the things they go after. So here’s my thing to these wokies out there and these cancel culture punks, and that’s what they are: You need to go on the road and explain to us how we can be better human beings like you because apparently, all these wokies and cancel culture people have never done anything to be embarrassed about in their lives. They’re like Jesus, they’ve led perfect, sin-free lives. They’re amazing people. That’s why they go after people like you and me because we’re horrible people. So, I think we need them to go and speak to people like us to make us better human beings like they are. And yes, that is dripping with sarcasm.

Conradson: You spoke about people like Hitler and Stalin, these supreme leaders that think they are God-like. Is that where we’re heading today if our country does not jump off this wokeness train that we’re on?

Sorbo: Well, it’s crazy because it seems they get more and more and more insane. That’s the weird thing about this, and I don’t understand the press, why they run with us. I’m sure some of these liberal press people behind closed doors are going, what are we doing? You look at Biden as a President, and you’re going, guys really? You see the blubbering sleepy Joe stuff that he does, and are you telling me this guy got more votes than any president in history? He got 81 million votes by not campaigning? You know when sleepy Joe showed us? He showed us as a president, you do not have to campaign anymore. Just sit in the basement of your house and don’t ever go out. Trump goes out and 50,000 people show up. When he went out, maybe a dozen people showed up. They were so embarrassed even on the networks to say it. The reporters like you would be over on the side. “Well, there’s not a lot of people here but you know,” and they didn’t know what to do and say because it was embarrassing, but you’re telling me this guy got the most votes? And here’s the thing, it is not racist to show an ID. It makes no sense. The Democrat Party is telling the African Americans that they’re too dumb or ignorant to be able to get their own ID. And I saw a documentary on this guy, they went into Harlem, interviewing the African Americans in there, and asked them, “Do you have an ID?” “Of course I do.” And then you know, “you white folks are idiots to think that we can’t get it. The DMV is right there.” They all know. Who wants to keep people and chains is the Democrat party?

Conradson: That’s true, and especially in Arizona, we also had a similar candidate to Joe Biden, who couldn’t pull in a crowd. She was actually a twice-convicted racist. I’m not sure if you heard about that with Katie Hobbs.

Sorbo: Unbelievable. She wouldn’t even debate Kari Lake. And she should recuse herself anyway. It’s ridiculous. This whole thing in Arizona, really? I mean, I know a lot of people are moving out there from California. Maybe that’s their mission. They destroyed California. Now they’re moving in Nevada and Arizona to turn these into socialist hellholes. Socialism has never worked. I don’t care how you want to look at it. Socialism and Communism do not work. Capitalism may not be perfect, but it’s the system that made America great. It was individuals that made America great not big government.

Conradson: We’ve also got this push for transgenderism. We’re seeing it in schools, this LGBTQ push, and really, I see it as taking God out of the picture. What are your thoughts on this disgusting push for transgenderism?

Sorbo: Everything they’ve done as they got out of the picture. I mean, we started back in 1964 and took the Bible out of school. We give Bibles to prisoners, of course, but not to children. The Bible was the original school book, and you know, everybody was homeschooled before we started public education, which is atrocious. One of the blessings of COVID, which I mentioned in there, is that 2 million more families are now homeschooling because they saw how horrible school boards are, how horrible these teachers are. Because these teachers now have gone through the last, you know, the ones that are 40 years old, 20 to 40 years old, have all been indoctrinated to the ridiculousness of Socialism and Communism in the schools. Don’t go to college. It’s a waste of time unless you’re going to Liberty or some other place like that. It’s a waste of money, it’s a waste of time. I met a girl, I shot a movie the other day, and this young 20-year-old actress, I said “what are you majoring in?” She says “I’m majoring in feminism gender studies,” and in my brain, I want to say, what kind of degree is that? You’re going to spend $250,000 of your parents’ money over four years to do what? Get a real degree if you’re going to college, get something in engineering, or science, or business, something. I mean these 17th-century French literature, I met another woman doing that, I go what does that do? It gives you no real job. Now you’re just in debt. What do you do with a BA in English? If you’re not going and teaching, it’s useless. So I don’t get it, and I don’t like what we’re doing the transgender thing. It represents, what is it 0.25% of the population, but everything we do now? What rights don’t they have? What rights don’t they have? And to me it’s like, you guys are all just screaming and yelling and mad and pushing this agenda down our throats. People like me are sick of it. Live your life fine, live your life. I’m not saying you can’t get this, or that, or that, whatever this white people are getting over other people. I’m all for people living the lives they want to live as long as they’re not harming other people.

Conradson: I want to shift a little bit to the 2024 Presidential race. Are you supporting President Trump for ‘24?

Sorbo: I like Trump. I like DeSantis. They’re both great. I mean, what Trump did for the country was amazing. And the press just beat him up. Do I think the voting was a fraud? Yeah, I do. I think it was pretty obvious there were a bunch of mules out there, stuffing ballots or covering up voting locations and not letting people see what’s going on. You’ve got on tape people actually filling in one after the other voting for Biden. Watching the election results come in, I literally saw on CNN, like 500,000 votes taken away from Trump and moved to Biden. It was like that. They don’t even hide the fact that they’re cheating with it. And what has Biden done for the country? Five million more illegal aliens in the country, we don’t know anything about them. Our country stops Djokovic, the number one tennis player in the world from coming to the country because he didn’t take a vax; he didn’t get that shot that’s going to make him die from a heart attack. But we have five million that have already come across the border in two years. Do we know, are they all vaxxed? Are they all perfect human beings? Are they here to help the country or hurt the country? But the hypocrisy of don’t let the number one tennis player in the world come in because, I mean, I made the joke, I said he should just come down the border and cross it that way. We’ll get him car we’ll get him a license, we’ll get him a phone. It’s just, I don’t know, it’s comical. The world is laughing at us right now because we look like idiots.

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