There was a time not too long ago when watches were a rare sighting in the fashion world, particularly on women. Perhaps one would show up on Instagram in the form of an #ad on your favorite influencer’s feed. But for the most part, timepieces didn’t take up a large part of the conversation. In the last few years, though, watches have not only reintroduced themselves to the fashion world, but they have also become a staple on every chic woman’s wrist. I have the data to prove it. 

In 2022, over 170,000 luxury timepieces were listed on eBay, the resale site shared with Who What Wear. Though only one aspect of an overall booming luxury market following the pandemic (according to eBay, watches, handbags, jewelry, and sneakers of the high-end variety have seen double-digit year-over-year growth on the platform since the end of 2019), timepieces are proving to be the area to watch as long-term investments overtake high-quantity, low-quality buys and the quiet-luxury aesthetic pulls ahead of maximalism. “In eBay’s three largest markets—U.S., UK, and Germany—female [and] Gen Z purchases of luxury watches were up double digits in 2022 compared to 2021,” the company says. 

Since a watch that will hold its value for years doesn’t often come with the type of price tag you can blindly say yes to, nine times out of 10, shoppers need a bit of preparation before moving forward with their purchase. That’s why I called on eBay to gather some data around the top-selling watches right now, the buzziest trends in the space, and the next It styles for fashion people, all of which I’ve laid out below. Keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about watches in 2023.

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