MADISON, Wis. — In case you missed it, Governor Tony Evers visited communities across the state this week to fill potholes, meet with local leaders, and fix the damn roads.

Under the previous administration, Wisconsin’s roads and bridges were underfunded and deprioritized. From potholes on the highway to crumbling bridges, our roads have put drivers at risk, jeopardized public safety, and hurt our economic growth.

Since taking office, Gov. Evers has fixed nearly 5,000 miles of road and nearly 1,500 bridges — and if you laid out those miles repaired end-to-end, you could drive from Oconomowoc to Miami and back. Gov Evers knows that better roads means safer communities for our kids, new opportunities for economic growth, and more savings for Wisconsinites as they spend less money on unnecessary car repairs.

Read more below on how Gov. Evers is working to fix roads across the state and keep Wisconsinites safe.

WQOW: Governor Evers Continues ‘Pothole Patrol’ in Chippewa Valley

  • “’We prioritized fixing the damn roads when I became governor, and we have put hundreds of millions of dollars into that,’ Evers said. ‘We couldn’t erase eight years of [not] fixing the roads in three years, and so we’ve made good progress. 5,000 miles of roads in the state of Wisconsin.’”

WAOW: Evers Visits Wausau to Help Crews Fix Potholes

WEAU: Evers stops in Altoona on “Pothole Patrol” Tour

  • “‘Most of them are in good shape. But yes, and especially within city limits, you’ll find some roads that really, really need help. And that’s where the state can help out. That’s why we have the transit, the local transportation fund. That’s why we need to continue to do that. But yes, ever, I think on the grand scheme of things, the big roads are in good shape. We need to continue to places like this,’ Evers said.”

Superior Leader Telegram: Evers fills potholes, talks protecting gay marriage

  • “‘All I know is there are plenty (of potholes) around Wisconsin, if I wanted this as a fulltime job, I could,’ Evers said. When asked if he likes to fill potholes because no one gets upset about that, Evers jokingly responded: ‘Not only that, but potholes don’t talk back.’”

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