Eric Trump went on Fox News to complain about CVS locking up the Tylenol, and he tried to link it to Alvin Bragg trying to lock up Trump.


Eric Trump said, “This is a city, I spend a lot of time in New York, that is literally falling apart. I went into a CVS the other day, and you can’t buy Tylenol because it is locked behind these glass counters because there’s so much theft. There’s so much looting. There’s so much homelessness and crime, but yet their attention is going after Donald Trump.”

Eric Trump’s point was that is more important to prosecute people for stealing a bottle of Tylenol than paying off their porn star mistress and then committing fraud to cover up the payment. Trump also tried to deduct the payment to Stormy Daniels on his taxes as a legal expense.

It seems like the message that Eric Trump was trying to send was that jail is for the poors, not people like Donald Trump.

The response from the entire Trump family shows a group of entitled people that have never been held accountable in their lives.
Eric Trump better not spend too much time in New York. He is at the center of all of the Trump Organization fraud investigations by the state attorney general.

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