According to filmmaker Alex Holder, Trump, Eric Trump, and the other Trump children were not bothered by using political violence to maintain power.

The Independent reported on their interview with Holder:

In an interview with The Independent, Mr Holder said Trump family members — and Eric Trump in particular — were unbothered by the idea that the often violent rhetoric they and their patriarch espoused after his loss to now-president Joe Biden would inspire his supporters to act out.

“When I asked Eric about the potential danger of sort of rhetoric and the sort of the belligerence, he felt that it was … fair game in that it … was sort of the equivalent on the other side of the political discourse, or he felt that it was the right thing to do … because the election was stolen,” he said.

Holder was recently interviewed by the 1/6 Committee, and he has turned over his footage to the Committee. If Donald Trump and his kids are on tape saying that political violence was the right thing to do, it could be the reason for the Committee’s surprise hearing on Tuesday. 

There is a surprise witness scheduled for the hearing. The list of potential that would qualify as a surprise is small. Mark Meadows and Mike Pence are two names that would be a ground-shaking surprise.

Eric Trump’s comments suggesting that he and his family were fine with political violence combined with whatever else the 1/6 Committee has could be a powerful implication of Trump in the 1/6 attack.

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