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Finally, it was your chance to solo her. Fresh from being awarded an exclusive blade for a legendary run helping players of all stripes beat one of Elden Ring’s most fearsome bosses, Klein “Let Me Solo Her” Tsuboi held an event where he challenged people to help him out for a change.. Titled “Let me let you solo them,” the 8-hour stream was open to other Elden Ring PC players to join in. LMSH led several parties to a thrilling victory. While many fell, may they be remembered, it all culminated in a one-on-one battle with Malenia, seen from the perspective of LMSH as if he was filming the most epic of fantasy movie showdowns.

Yesterday, Tsuboi sent out the call via Twitter. “After helping over 2000 beat Malenia, I think it’s time to let them help me this time,” his tweet opens, with a screenshot of him in his now-iconic scantily-clad choice of battle attire and bowl helmet looking over the Lands Between.

Tsuboi quickly made a name for himself back in April. Malenia, the optional late-game boss of Elden Ring is a notoriously difficult fight, thanks to a series of swift attacks and an auto-heal ability that often forces many to seek help via the game’s co-op feature. Tsuboi would arrive on the battlefield asking via his username for his ally to stand aside while he would take her on. And solo her he did, defeating her well over 2000 times now. His schtick was so memorable that word quickly spread, and LMSH even started spreading copycats. This time, however, Tsuboi sought to enlist others to take on the game’s bosses.

The call to arms was met with absolute enthusiasm and also thanks. “Are you really, ‘Him’? If you are… you inspired me to keep fighting Malenia,” one tweet reply reads. “We cannot let this hero of heroes down,” read another. Lord of The Rings gifs were aplenty. A few others posted identical screenshots to Tsuboi’s tweet, as if raising their arms in allegiance. Limited to PC players, a single password: “LMSH” was all you needed to party-up and take the fight to some of the most epic bosses FromSoftware has ever created and the result is spectacular.

FromSoftware / Klein Tsuboi

The stream is a full 8-hours long, so you may have your own favorite moments, and many others are chiming in in the comments section of the video with timestamps of their own highlights. But this is undeniably a must-watch for any fan of Elden Ring, or anyone who enjoys good-natured, fun-as-hell video game community moments like this.

I found myself cheering on the likes of Jumping Man and CodyHarper 2003 as they annihilated Margit (wish you guys wouldn’t make it look that easy…) and while I’ll get to the Melania showdown in just a moment, I have to say, the battle with Radahn is easily my favorite fight of this stream.

It took a couple of tries, of course, but across the Wailing Dunes, LMSH led 🙂 and Max to a good first effort. Victory was out of their reach, but they put on a great show. I was rooting for Max to drop Radahn to zero HP, but it was not meant to be. Valiant effort though!

Joined by new allies GIGA CHAD and Wretch, the epic clash with Radahn saw Wretch deliver the final blow, and the stream continued as new allies partied up to take on the worst the game had to offer, with, naturally, Malenia as the closing battle.

KB & M Enjoyer answered the call to solo the final boss who, thanks to LMSH, certainly has known defeat by now. At first, LMSH took a seat at the entrance to observe the duel, like a Jedi master observing his Padawan’s skills in combat. As KB & M Enjoyer engaged the Blade of Miquella in a fierce 1v1, LMSH switched to framing the battle through his telescope, providing a wide angle view of each opponent’s cunning slashes. Having victoriously soloed their way through Malenia’s final form, KB & M departed, leaving LMSH to bid farewell to viewers.

Warping back to Liurnia of the Lakes, looking over the game’s map in the same area as his PSA tweet, Tsuboi turned to the camera and initiated a polite bow and a few other friendly gestures before taking a seat as if to ponder his next epic challenge.

Even if you’re peripherally been taking in the tales of Let Me Solo Her, you owe it to yourself to check this video out. For a game that’s particularly punishing and prone to toxic gestures of “git gud,” it’s refreshing to see some positive vibes out there in a community celebration of epic achievements. Their strength truly is extraordinary.

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