New York Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs made history as the first formerly incarcerated person to win an election as a New York state lawmaker.

On Tuesday, Gibbs was facing a difficult primary challenge in his East Harlem district against three opponents.

As of 10:50 p.m., Gibbs led with 2,588 votes or 36.7%, with 6% of the votes counted. Ruiz-Miranda had 1,764 or 25%, Mapp had 1,380 and Wilfredo Lopez had 1,326.

Gibbs won a boost from New York City Mayor Adams who paid tribute to his “powerful story of overcoming adversity” in endorsing him.

Gibbs won a special election for the district last year after ex-Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez resigned to take a top job in Gov. Hochul’s administration.

His inauguration — administered by Adams at a gymnasium in East Harlem on Feb. 10 — made him the first ex-convict to ever take a seat in the state Legislature, having pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges in 1988.

Gibbs admitted to killing a man in self-defense when he was just 17. He was sentenced to four years in state prison, and spent his time behind bars earning an associate’s degree in business before getting engaged with local politics upon his release.

Adams has been a supporter of Gibbs since last year’s mayoral primary, sharing his view that criminal justice reforms must be balanced with public safety concerns.

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