Best horror

(Image credit: Capcom)

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I’m walking alongside a glacial lake on an ashen mountain plateau when I come to the hut. I already passed a much bigger hut, but I didn’t go in it because there were things over there. This one seems entirely thing-less, however, so I decide to investigate. The hut turns out to be a meat-curing shed. I can tell this by the sides of goat hanging from a rail of meat-hooks running the length of the shed. I’m not sure why there’s a dead man hanging beside them, but uncertainty is par for the course in Mundaun.

I walk to the meat and poke it. It makes a noise. Then the dead man makes a noise, proving he is not, in fact, dead. The other sides of meat make different noises, and it quickly becomes apparent that this is gaming’s fleshiest musical puzzle. With a little effort, I figure out the right order to hit the meat, and the not-dead man rewards me by vomiting up a key. I pluck the key from his mouth and walk into the hazy sunlight, leaving him happily dangling on his noose. None of this is ever spoken about again.

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