DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. — A Delaware County high school student is asking for help collecting jeans to give to students who can’t afford a new pair before school starts. 

We first told you about the “Fresh Threads” jeans drive last year, but this year they’ve partnered with local malls to help bring in the donations. 

The drive has partnered with Castleton and Keystone malls! So, you can drop jeans off there. 

Founder and coordinator Averie Jamison says she hopes this will give them more exposure and help collect more jeans. 

“It was a big deal, and it was something I never thought would really happen because it’s just a small town thing. But them reaching out in Indy and getting the word around to everyone around there was amazing,” said Jamison. 

Jamison also says the goal is for each student who comes to be able to pick out a new pair to start the school year with the fresh threads. 

“And it’s just honestly their faces whenever they get a new pair of jeans. They’re just so happy and appreciative of it.” 

“I think that it helps them with, just, when they go to school, they can be more confident and have more confidence and being able to have a new pair of jeans and not have to worry about, ‘Oh no! My jeans are too small for me. They don’t fit right.’ And they can just go to school with more confidence.” 

And again, she hopes working with the mall will bring in even more for them to choose from. 

“I hope that it makes the drive bigger and more people want to start helping out. And maybe I can branch out to other communities around Indy or even around Indiana. And start getting a bigger selection of jeans and maybe more amounts of them to have more than one give away.” 

They’ll collect the jeans until next week and plan to give them out at the Delaware County Fairgrounds on August 6th. 

A few stores in the mall told Averie they plan on donating jeans as well. 

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