The thousands of texts obtained by CNN from the 1/6 attack period are leading to calls for Trump and his staff to be investigated for sedition.

Richard Painter tweeted:

Legal experts and many others, memorably Rep. Adam Schiff, pointed out when Republicans refused to hold Trump accountable after he tried to blackmail Ukraine that the now-former president and his allies would be emboldened to commit more and potentially even worse crimes.

Those warnings have come true multiple times over.

The good news is that the DOJ could still act and hold those responsible accountable for the crimes of 1/6.

Without criminal prosecution, Republicans are unlikely to be deterred because at the heart of their behavior is a desire to defy the will of the people and remain in power.

Republicans have stopped trying to win elections by appealing to voters. They view their path to power through the delegitimization of the democratic process.

Republicans aren’t trying to win free and fair elections. The GOP is attempting to eliminate them and whatever reservations that Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice might have about prosecuting Trump. they should view any prosecution as an extension of their mission to defend democracy.

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