Diablo: Immortal players can now change their class once a week thanks to the latest update from Blizzard.

Announced in a blog post, an update arriving today, July 20, will add the Class Change mechanic, letting Wizards become Barbarians, Necromancers become Monks, and so on.

Players must be level 35 before they have the option to change class – which can be done at the Shifting Flames brazier in Westmarch – but can do so as many times as they like, with one change allowed every seven days.

Doing so will also be free indefinitely, as Blizzard said it has no plans to charge players for changing class once a week or any more frequently. Players can also choose to immediately revert to their previous class if they change their mind or activate the change by mistake, but this can only be done once.

Players can also change the appearance of their character and reset their Paragon skill trees when they change to each class for the first time, and placeholder gear with a level equivalent to what was previously equipped will also be given to the player.

Class-specific cosmetics and gear will be moved to the player’s inventory when they change and can therefore be used again if and when they return to that previous class. Progression systems not related to class will not be affected, meaning all Clan, Warband, and other social group affiliations will carry over to the new class.

Diablo Immortal Class Art

The update also adds the Hero’s Journey end-game content, Gorgothra the Claimer as a new Helliquary boss, the Adventurer’s Path and Hunger Moon limited-time events, the Amber Blades cosmetic set, and a number of smaller updates and fixes.

Diablo: Immortal has faced quite severe criticism from players and critics for its microtransactions that essentially lock the best upgrades behind very expensive lootboxes. Blizzard CEO Mike Ybarra defended the system though, and it certainly made financial sense as the free game made $24 million in its first two weeks.

The issue also appeared in our 6/10 review, as IGN said: “Diablo: Immortal’s monster slaying action is visceral and satisfying, and the game offers up a huge amount of gameplay for free. That said, its monetisation model and numerous restrictions sour the end game experience, and leave plenty of room for improvement.”

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