Detroit — The night was never going to be conducive to good, clean baseball. Temperature at game time was 43 degrees and falling into the 30s with a chilly wind. Miserable.

But this one, at least early on, exceeded even the lowest of expectations.

“Tough night to play on both sides,” Tigers manager AJ Hinch said. “You could see from the beginning it was going to be tough and it only got worse as the night went on, weather-wise. 

“But it was that way for both.”

By the end of the second inning, the two teams combined for 140 pitches (by five different pitchers), eight walks, one costly missed pop-up and one horrendous outfield throw. It took nearly 90 minutes to complete the two innings.

By the time it slogged to its conclusion — three hours and 59 minutes after first pitch — the Yankees had beaten the Tigers, 4-2, in the first of three at Comerica Park. Fourteen pitchers were used, 371 pitches were thrown. There were 16 walks, eight a side. 

BOX SCORE: Yankees 4, Tigers 2

“It was kind of a mess on both sides from a command standpoint,” Hinch said.

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