If you like birdwatching, taking nature pictures, or just being in the great outdoors, we have just the place for you.

It’s right there along the state thruway, between Rochester and Syracuse.

In tonight’s “Destination New York,” Carrie Lazarus takes us to the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.

Marcia Bower should be home in Fairmount canning tomatoes, but she couldn’t resist the temptation to grab her camera and drive to Montezuma.

When asked what she’s looking for there, Bower says everything.

“Blue heron. Osprey. Eagles. A friend of mine got a picture of an eagle scooping down and grabbing a duck the other day.”

We spotted Marcia and lots of other nature photographers and bird watchers along the three and a half mile wildlife drive.

You ride through a 1600 acre wetland, host to rich diversity of waterfowl, water birds and other wildlife.

“It is very important as farmland is taken out and developed that the birds have a place to stop, feed, rest on the way South or in the Spring on their way North,” says volunteer Len Stein.

Just like everybody else, we were hoping to spot an eagle today but so far, none, except this, the statue commemorating the eagle reintroduction program that began in the 1970s.

Today there are 6 eagle’s nests at Montezuma and as many as 70 eagles living on the refuge.

There are 240 species of birds that nest, rest and feed here one of the most popular is the Osprey.

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