Did someone say “cheap fake”?

The desperate Biden Campaign posted a side-by-side photo of President Trump’s Philly rally and doped up Joe Biden ‘speaking at the same venue.’

President Trump brought down the house in deep blue Philly this weekend.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden is hiding at Camp David all doped up so his campaign is spreading “cheap fakes” to make it appear Joe Biden is popular (he’s not).

“President Biden vs. Donald Trump speaking at the same venue in Philly,” the Biden camp said on X.

Notice how the Biden campaign said Biden was just “speaking” at the venue. That’s because it was NOT a Biden rally. It was an Obama-headlined rally for John Fetterman in November 2022. – and the venue was still half empty.

Biden temporarily shuffled up to the podium to mumble a few lines that night. Obama was the keynote speaker for a Fetterman event.

Here’s what the venue really looked like that night:

Joe Biden is a total fraud.


Here’s what an actual Biden Philly rally looks like:

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