INDIANAPOLIS — A former Indiana State Police trooper who was acquitted after serving 13 years in prison for the murders of his wife and children has reached a multi-million dollar settlement.

David Camm was tried twice for the deaths of his 35-year-old wife Kim Camm, his 7-year-old son Brad and his 5-year-old daughter Jill who were all gunned down in their Floyd County home in 2000. He was convicted in both trials for their murders until he was at last exonerated in 2013.

According to WDRB, Camm’s attorney and court documents state the former state trooper was awarded more than $5 million in settlements from various lawsuits stemming from the investigation into Camm’s family’s deaths. The amount includes a $4.6 million settlement reached in his federal wrongful arrest lawsuit.

Floyd County previously agreed to pay Camm $450,000 in a prior settlement over the case. WDRB also reported that Camm reached settlements with private defendants over the past few months, the sum of those settlements being confidential.

Charles Boney was ultimately arrested and sentenced to serve 225-years for the murders of the Camm family. He was convicted in 2005. Boney had previously testified that he had been outside the home when the deadly shootings occurred and that David Camm had tried to shoot at him.

Despite two convictions and 13 years in prison, Camm always maintained his innocence and said he’d been playing basketball at a nearby church when the murders occurred.

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