At EA Play we got a nice long look at Lost in Random, the upcoming combat adventure from Zoink Games, makers of Fe. In this coming-of-age fairytale with a Tim Burton-esque style, you play as Even, a little girl searching for her sister, Odd, who has been abducted by an evil queen. Along for the adventure is Even’s friend Dicey, a six-sided die that scampers around on little stick legs when it’s not clinging to her shoulders like a backpack.

Lost in Random pits Even and her cute companion cube against a menagerie of twisted monsters as she battles her way to the evil queen. Armed with weapons like bows and slingshots, Even can also collect coins to buy cards, which give her new attacks and abilities. And it’s an adventure, too, so there are bizarre NPCs to meet and chat with, some helpful, some decidedly not.

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