At this point in the NFL Draft process, we’ve heard every comparison under the sun when it comes to virtual top overall pick Trevor Lawrence, including three former No. 1 picks — at the same time.

Here’s one you won’t see on most scouting reports, though: Stephen Curry. The comparison comes straight from Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, who said the way Lawrence throws the ball is “just different” — similar to how Curry’s prowess shooting 3s was something the NBA had never seen before.

Swinney first made the comparison in February at Lawrence’s pro day, saying, “It’s a beautiful thing to watch. It’s like watching Steph Curry shoot a basketball, right? It’s just fun to watch.”

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Swinney doubled down on that comparison again in a Monday appearance on the “Move The Sticks” podcast:

“You watch Steph Curry shoot the ball and you just go, ‘Wow,’ just to sit there and watch this guy shoot the basketball,” Swinney said. “Well, that’s how you feel when you watch Trevor throw a football. When you get to see him live and you get to see him move, you just go, ‘Wow.’ It’s just different.

The comparisons didn’t stop there, either. Swinney said Lawrence also has the potential to be an international superstar, something only the top NFL players can achieve due to the relative lack of interest outside North America.

“He’s a face-of-a-franchise guy. I think Trevor can be an international superstar,” Swinney said. “There’s not many football players that have become international superstars. Part of that is just because we all wear helmets and uniforms and get identified by that. Then you take the helmets off and become a normal person and sometimes you blend in. Trevor doesn’t blend in.”

If there’s any player in this draft class prepped for that sort of stardom, then it’s Lawrence. The former No. 1 overall recruit in the class of 2018 has been considered a virtual lock for the NFL since he was in high school. Then he was considered a lock for the No. 1 overall pick as early as his freshman year. He has exhibited no weaknesses throughout the draft process. The only issue — and a stupid one, at that — is that people questioned his motivation to play football after comments he made in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Even so, the sentiment that Lawrence will go No. 1 is so ubiquitous that Jaguars fans — whose team owns the No. 1 overall pick — have already sent wedding gifts to Lawrence and his wife, Marissa.

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